Planning To Set Up Shop? This Is Why You Should Opt For Plastic Furniture

Posted on: 7 December 2016

Part of setting up a retail shop entails installing furniture, mostly display units and shelving units. If you are headed to this stage of your shop fitting exercise and are looking for ideas, here is why you should opt for plastic furniture as opposed to other alternatives such as glass or timber.

Plastic is cheaper

Plastic is cheaper to manufacture or recycle. As such, plastic products cost cheaper than timber or glass. As a result, opting for plastic displays and shelving racks for your shop could help scale down your costs. As you well know, setting up shop can be quite draining financially. With plastic furniture, you can manage to save some money which you can them redirect to buying inventory or other start-up costs.

Plastic is easier to fabricate into custom designs

Shoplifting furniture needs to reflect the brand of your business outlet in terms of design. For this to be achieved, you need to order customised products that will fit into the exact places you want and give the look that best flatters your shop space. Plastic is one of the easiest materials to manipulate and fabricate. Your plastic fabricator can manufacture your furniture in any shape, size, thickness, and even colour.

Plastic can withstand rough use better than glass

Glass is a common shop fitting material. This is mostly due to its transparency which makes it ideal for display units. Plastic is manufactured in transparent panels as well. But unlike glass, plastic is better at withstanding rough use, e.g. hard impacts and abrasion. Some plastic varieties such as perspex are almost impossible to scratch or shatter, making it superior to glass in all ways.

Plastic is more durable than timber

Timber cabinetry is also common in shops. While it is hard to ignore the allure of timber in furniture applications, it is equally hard not to point out its shortcomings when it comes to durability. Timber can warp, burn, rot or get infested by pests. Hardened plastic, which is what is mostly used in retail shops, cannot and will, therefore, last longer thus giving you better value for your money.

Plastic provides a light non-bulky design

Plastic is much lighter than either timber or glass. This makes it easy to move plastic furniture around the shop should you need to rearrange your floor space or move things around. A light thin design on your shop furniture also provides a contemporary feel and much better aesthetics that your customers will definitely appreciate.

Contact a plastic fabricator to order your plastic-made shop furniture in any shape, design, thickness, colour or plastic material.