Laser Engraving and Cutting: Your Questions Answered!

Posted on: 13 March 2017

Signage is certainly one of the most important elements in any business premises. When you build or rent your office space, the last thing you want is your customers having a hard time locating your offices. The fact that they will spend so much time asking their way around may as well create a negative attitude towards your firm. For this reason, you need proper signage to help direct your clients in and around the offices so that they can easily access the services they need. One of the most reliable techniques used by engravers is laser engraving. It is fast, flexible, and friendly to your pocket, especially when you have multiple pieces to work on. Here is a look at the commonly asked questions on laser cutting and engraving to help you gain insight:

What Software is Required for the Process?

If you think that the lack of certain programming software will limit your signage designs, then you are wrong. Most engravers have systems that do not require programming. Instead, their systems allow you to set up the image that you want using any graphic software then they can print that image onto their laser. In this way, your engraver conveniently avoids the limitations that would have been created by relying on laser programming software.

What Materials Can Be Engraved Using Laser?

A top benefit of laser engraving is that it works on a host of materials, enabling fabricators to match their techniques with your preferences. The list here includes but is not limited to wood, acrylic, plastic, stone, glass, stainless steel, aluminium and laminates. If the aesthetic and functional reasons in your office space require you to use different materials for signage, then there is no cause to worry. Laser engraving works fine on many materials.

What Makes Laser Efficient and Cost Effective?

Laser engraving is efficient and cost effective when compared to many other engraving techniques. Take a case where you have a complex graphic design that you want to engrave by hand. The process will be slow, as the engraver has to construct carefully the shape into the background material. This translates to more labour hours and a higher engraving cost. On the other hand, laser engraving employs computer aided design technology, meaning that the process is fast, accurate and less time-consuming. You will conveniently avoid the small variations caused by human error in the design of the signage.