Suitable Material Options for Your Structural Plastic Sheet Applications

Posted on: 23 March 2017

Plastic sheets are highly versatile materials which can be utilised for diverse applications in commercial, industrial and residential settings. These are particularly ideal for creating durable structures and features with good chemical and mechanical stability. On the other hand, you should note that all plastic sheets are not homogenous in terms of quality. The performance will depend on the specific properties of the polymer used in manufacturing the sheets. Here are the most advantageous materials to consider for structural plastic sheet applications.


The popularity of acrylic sheets can be attributed to their appearance, which is similar to glass. In simple terms, this material is a transparent thermoplastic which is typically moulded into flat sheets. This property makes acrylic an ideal alternative to glass in structural applications. Unlike standard glass, this option is shatter-resistant due to its good impact strength. In addition, the lightweight nature of the sheets means that the plastic sheets will be easy to install.


ABS is a common plastic which is technically known as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. The primary advantage attached to ABS plastic sheets is the high impact resistance and general toughness. This makes it an advantageous choice for general structural applications. It has notable stability under loads, and it is not prone to stress cracking unless the weight limits are exceeded. If you plan to expose the plastic to the sun, choose black ABS sheets because alternatives are not UV resistant.


Polyvinyl chloride sheets have numerous beneficial properties, and the cost of material purchase is relatively low. This plastic displays exceptional corrosion resistance, so it can be utilised in areas where this is a concern. It also has good insulation properties and resists natural accelerated weathering. Unfortunately, PVC does not handle high temperatures well. If you would like sheets with better heat performance, consider selecting the chlorinated PVC alternative.


If you would like structural plastic sheets with exceptional mechanical strength and high impact resistance, you should consider choosing polycarbonate sheets. This material is made by including carbonate compounds into a thermoplastic structure. This increases the strength of the sheets exponentially, ensuring durability and great stability under stress. In addition, polycarbonate remains stable when exposed to the sun or relatively high and low temperature. This property makes the pertinent sheets suitable for outdoor applications.

There are other numerous polymers which are suitable creating plastic sheets for diverse structural applications. If you are uncertain about the perfect material match for your project, consult an experienced plastic sheets supplier or fabricator for guidance.