3 Pieces of Equipment You Need for Your New Powder Coating Business

Posted on: 23 October 2018

If you are a painter and are considering stepping into different service options, you may think about a powder coating business. Powder coating is used for everything from cars to outdoor patio furniture. If you want to start a powder coating business, there are three pieces of equipment you will need to make a real go of the business from the start. Here are those three pieces of equipment and what to know about each one. 

1. Blast Room

You will need a blast room as one of your main pieces of equipment. You can buy stand-alone blast rooms that can fit in a small warehouse, work area shed, or storage garage. Regardless of the type of blast room you get, the purpose is the same. In order for the powder coat to stay locked onto the material you work with, the material surface must be clean. This means clean of dirt, debris, oil, and other foreign objects or materials. The ideal way this is achieved is to place the item in a blast room and use sand blasting or other abrasive blasting equipment to remove the debris and clean the object.

2. Multiple Powder Guns

One of the first things you need to consider is the powder gun you want to use. You may find that you want more than one powder gun. There are several reasons you want to have multiple guns. The first to make sure you have a backup in case one stops working or has issues. The second reason you want more than one powder gun is that you may have different jobs that require different sized guns. For example, smaller guns may be easier to use than large more industrial style options depending on the job.

3. Powder Coating Oven

In order for the powder coating to stick and set properly, you will need a powder coating oven. Though you may already know this, what you may not have considered is the room you will need for your oven depending on the jobs you plan on taking. Keep in mind; if you are working with cars, you will need room for not only the blasting room to prep the car but also the room to paint it and for the oven to cure the paint once it is in place.

If you are doing smaller powder coating projects, you may find that a smaller oven would do nicely. Your oven is your key component to make the powder coating work and should be the one item you give the most consideration to.

If you are ready to get started, visit your local industrial paint supply store. They can help you with the right equipment for your needs. They can also help you with questions you have or with options you may be looking for.