• Four Tips for Preventing Rips in Polyethylene Builders Film Used for Greenhouses

    Polyethylene builder's film is a great option for a budget greenhouse. It insulates almost as well as single pane glass -- polyethylene film has an R-value of .83, while single-pane glass has a value of .95. Builder's film is also affordable, and it lasts three to five years. To ensure it lasts as long as possible, however, you should take some steps to ensure it doesn't get holes: 1. Invest in UV-stabilised polyethylene film.
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  • Sharp Diamonds: Five Tips for Keeping Diamond Saw Blades as Sharp as Possible

    If you have recently acquired a diamond saw blade from a company like Crozier Diamond Tools Aust Pty Ltd, you need to focus on keeping it sharp. Sharp diamond blades can do the work you need quickly, and they are also less likely than dull blades to cut or hurt you. Here are some essential tips on keeping your diamond blades as sharp as possible: 1. Wet the material you are cutting.
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  • Reduce Weighing Errors In Your Laboratory

    Your laboratory depends on the accuracy and reliability of your weighing equipment. No matter how sophisticated your precision laboratory balances may be, they are still prone to error. They need meticulous care and re-calibration on a regular basis to maintain consistent and accurate readings. The following guidelines will assist you in developing suitable care and maintenance procedures and getting the most out of your lab balances. Of course, your main objective is to ensure that errors are prevented.
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